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About Us

Spinnaker Electronic Assembly Limited is run by three partners with over 60 years combined experience in the electronics industry.

Meet the team below:

Jason Dugan

Jason has over 20 years experience working in Contract Electronic Manufacturing working in production, quality and sales roles.

As our key sales person, Jason will be your primary point of contact and the friendly face of the organisation.

James Howard

James has 20 years experience in electronic production machine sales, installation, training and maintenance, and over 5 years experience working directly in the CEM field.

James is responsible for component procurement and keeping our production machines running as they should. This in house ability allows us to keep machine related downtime much less troublesome than for our competitors.

Chris Lidgey

Chris has over 20 years experience as a production manager for high-end CEMs and over 5 years in production machine sales / maintenance

With such a broad base of experience with all related techlologies, Chris is an invaluable resource in meeting any production challenge presented by our customer base.